View Full Version : [Project] Operation Small Scale ROV

11-01-2009, 03:40 PM
So, after finally getting a job, I have some cash flow coming in. And apart from bills and what have you, I've started a savings fund to build my own little ROV (remote operated vehicle for others that don't know the acronym). I've found a reliable base, in the form of a 1/12 multi terrain rc vehicle. Now I know what some are gonna say. "You can't use that for a base, and if it's remote controlled, it's not a real robot!" Trust me, I know it will come. But considering that I'm not that experienced yet, I wanna start off small. Now the base is really nifty. The electronics are actually beneath a cover for the base (and I'm not talking the shell of the rc car that I took off), and so far, it's handled carpet, regular flooring, grass, sand, blacktops, and just regular neighborhood streets quite nicely, with a nice range, 50 yards so far. But while I got this car second hand, and a brand new battery pack with charger, a grand total of 33 bucks, I don't wanna keep the actual visual equipment cheap either. I want a robust wireless camera, coupled with a series of LEDs to help the camera see during the night. And also, if possible, a temperature probe to give a accurate reading of what the current temperature is and send back the info to my computer.

My questions are this. What should I go with that once I get my feet wet, and wanna move onto a bigger ROV, which camera setup should I get? That will offer the most bang for my buck, but not break the bank? And if I should also purchase a project case to keep the delicate camera, and the temperature probe equipment, safe from the environment? Any and all help will be appreciated, unless if you feel the need to insult, or belittle me because I'm starting off simple. Then I don't want to hear about it.