View Full Version : vehicle transfer devise robot of sorts!!

01-20-2010, 05:15 AM
Hi all,

i dont really know what to call this so if you can think of a better title do let me know and ill amend it! thats if you even understand my description!!

Essentially i am trying to make transfer device. I have attached a rough 3D model to aid in my explanation! the gold components i already have, the car sits on these and allow work to be carried out around it easily. however to move the car it has to be pushed. what i want to do is attach something (like the silver component) to the trolley that will move the car via remote control or by just holding a button on it and walking with it.

from my research so far i want the following to be incorporated.

1) i want to be able to attach and detach the "robotic arm" simply and easily

2) the maximum force required to start the system moving is about 80kg, consequently the robot must weigh more (this affects point 1 above) or must have a means of using the weight of the vehicle to increase the pressure it exerts on the floor, a sort of jack or expansion system the applies pressure vertically on the plate surrounding the wheels such that enough traction is generated.

3) all components for powering, moving, braking and guiding it need to be housed in it, including power, i would like it rechargeable. A simple remote control system could be implemented to control forward and backward motion or buttons on the unit

4) i wouldn't mind a means of sensing how far the wall is from the front, much like car parking sensors?feasible?

i think some DC motors would have sufficient torque, ones used in golf buggies and wheelchair units but thats as far as ive got techincally.

My knowledge is limited in most of the above areas lol and im struggling to find relevant literature to progress my ideas. any advice you can give me or literature you can recommend in any area would be greatly appreciated. as i say my knowledge is limited and calculations for the necessary DC motor and battery etc elude me. i would greatly appreciate these. i am in the process of reading inforation inthis forum too so hopefully will find some help in the many others that have asked.

many thanks

the other image (red and silver) i have attached works on a similar principle however it would have to go over a ramp about 3 inches high and back down so a method of allowing for this whilst keeping traction is needed.