View Full Version : [Interesting] Robotis AX-18F are comming in March?

02-27-2010, 10:24 AM
From Robotis site (Sorry about not-perfect Google translation):

http://www.robotis.com/zbxe/files/member_extra_info/image_name/004/4.gif2010.02.22 16:33:31

Hello. Guest.
Of course, one is able to participate in events and rules are subject to the Japanese Robo-One rules.
Batteries sold separately before the ceremony that is scheduled to begin.
Due to various factors in the disability convention infrared're not going to fly. Please use the ZigBee.
Chest protector, except in the DMS kit contains the parts used to be, feel free to stop by. ^ ^
AX-18F ready for sale in progress, a little later than schedule will be released in March.
Thank you.