View Full Version : [News/Announcement] announcing monoBOTICS alpha release 1

04-06-2010, 01:35 PM
Hi guys:

First up, sorry to anybody if this is the wrong place to put this, but this is an OpenSource initiative that it can be interest to you:

Now announcing the Alpha 2 release of Icarus Scene Engine, an open cross-platform visual-based scene & content construction solution with an XML back end. Icarus runs on Mono+Linux and Windows, with MacOSX support imminent. Developer-level libraries including ISE.FreeType, ISE.Geometry, ISE.System, ISE.Video, ISE.Core, and ISE.Networking, with numerous integration or standalone development possibilities. Based off the Tao.Framework, OpenTK, FFMpeg, ODE, OpenCV, OpenAL, OpenGL and DevIL.

Design and create visual 2D and 3D interactive product showcases, presentations, 3D Learning and System Training. Aternatively, create Home Automation and Robotics solutions via the monoBOTICS plugin for Icarus, extend with C# plugins, scripts, or integrate the engine into existing code.

With monoBOTICS you can integrate different robotic and automation devices such:

Devantech sensors.
Sabertooth motor controllers.
Phidgets devices.
Bioloid and Dynamixel AX-S1, AX-12 servomotors.
Lynxmotion SSC32 servo controller.
P5 Dataglove.
X10 devices.
NCD Zigbee HW (coming soon).
DSC Alarm systems (coming soon).
Kondo humanoid (coming soon).

And many others to come (Laser range sensors, robotics arms, etc.)

All into one place taking advantage of all Icarus features (graphics, simulations, video using ffmpeg, etc.), plus the ability to integrate artificial neuronal networks for A.I via NeuronDotNet all in a fantastic 3D way or also as a Winform, GTK# or ASP.NET stand alone application. Also you can make your design and convert all to C# code or even compile your solution into 1 library.

This product should be considered fairly raw for the time being, it's not ready for general public consumption, but is open to the community for evaluation and consideration.

See www.pointscape.com.sg/joomla (http://www.pointscape.com.sg/joomla) and http://www.monobotics.ic.uach.cl (http://www.monobotics.ic.uach.cl/) for details, sample videos and downloads! Please mail to [email protected] if you get stuck or want help.