View Full Version : For Sale Servo control, sharp sensor, bluesmirf, omnia n more

Meccano Jay
04-10-2010, 07:23 PM
I purchased these with a project in mind to compete in the next contest. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to purchase servos and such to complete the project.

As such I have for sale the following

1 x ssc-32 control board (used/good) ... SOLD
1 x blue smirf with ant.(used/good) ... SOLD
1 x WRL-00150 Blue tooth dongle (new) ... SOLD
1 x Sharp GP2Y0A02YKsensor and cable (new) ... SOLD
0 x Omnia I910 with screen protector (used/good/clean esn) ... SOLD

This was to be the control for my project/robot.

asking $75.00 shipped.

Accepting offers, yes I will sell separate, pm me