View Full Version : [Project] Xbee design help...

04-16-2010, 03:05 PM
I want to know if something is possible, and if it is how difficult it would be. I’m only about 6 months into avr stuff. But I really want to build this.

I want to take two Xbees and use them to communicate to each other. But here are the key features that they will need to have...

Run on battery power (AA or AAA)
They need to be able to establish connection with out the aid of a computer setting them up... after programing...
Have more then one set in the same aria operating with out interfering with the other sets in the same aria.
Pass RS232 (9600 8N1) back and forth

So here is the dream goal. The user has two small wireless adapters. He takes them and sets the dip switches so they match on each adapter. Toggles on the power. Then presses in a sync button on both adapters causing them to sync together.

Thank you for any kind of help... or other suggestions of doing this.