View Full Version : [Just For Fun] Marbleart.tv

07-16-2010, 04:33 PM
Hello everyone
Marbleart.tv (http://www.marbleart.tv/) is a project that i have helped with building.


The official description:

This is a social media experiment enabling facebook and twitter users real time interaction with a physical art installation. The goal is to get 5000 marbles through the marble run, ending up in the pyramid shaped bucket in the end. The marble pyramid together with a list of all the people who contributed with marbles will be placed in the entrance of the office building Bassängkajen (http://skanska.se/sv/Ny-lokal/Sok-lokal/Visa-lokal/?prid=75&epslanguage=SV&lang=sv-se) built by Skanska (http://www.skanska.com/) in Malmö, Sweden.We are using a pico itx to read the twitter stream and a parallax servo controller to control the server that release the marbles. And of coarse it is streamed in real time with four cameras :)

Pleas tell me what you are thinking about it.