View Full Version : [Project] Gnome to be made

09-03-2010, 12:09 PM
I have something in mind that I need to have made and I've been searching around, and found this website. Was wondering if someone could make it and how much it would cost. We only want one made, it's more of a creation we want made versus an actual line or product. What we want is a toy type of gnome about 2-3 ft tall, pretty life-like looking, red eyes or glowing red eyes, and most important part we want it to move off a remote control. We want it's legs to be the only movable part and we want it to just kind of shuffle from side to side. Not a lot of movement with each stride just some basic side to side moving with it's legs.

That is the basic idea, and if you can make this that'd be great or if you can't do you know anybody who can make this sort of thing? Thanks in advance.

Reply here or you can email me at [email protected]