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11-29-2010, 09:24 AM
Dear Staff,
I've the following doubts about Resistance of Interlink 402 model (12.7mm) pressure sensor.
In the datasheet I see the diagram "Resistance vs Force" on page 4, then at 100g it corresponds to 6000 ohm, at 1000 g it corresponds to 1100 ohm, but it is incongruous to the scheme and mathematical equation on page 18-19, if I calculate the Resistance of the sensor I have (with Vin = 5V and RM = 3K):
1) corresponding to 2.0Vout (F= 1000g) => then the calculations give R=4500 ohm, different from 1100ohm
2) at 1.0Vout (F= 200g) => R = 12000 ohm, different from R=4000ohm

What are the correct values of resistance vs Force?

Kind regards
Deny Antonino