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06-03-2011, 11:51 AM
SO, here's the deal. We built up a PLM based RX-28 humanoid last year, but unfortunately we have far too many projects right now and with the release of the Darwin-OP, we'll be focusing our humanoid efforts on further developing that particular platform. That leaves us with a really nice PLM humanoid sitting on the shelf until we find time to develop it.

Rather than let it gather dust on the shelf, we're going to put it up for sale at a REALLY cheap price, and give our community first dibs. We have all the parts to build another 2 of these for prototyping later on, but for now we're going to let this first prototype go into the hands of one of our community members.

Here are the rough specs:

16 RX-28 Dynamixels (3190.56 Retail)
9 RX-24F Dynamixels (Torso/Arms) (1259.10 Retail)
Custom PLM Legs/Brackets ($450 retail)
Various Robotis brackets make up the rest of the frame ($200ish Retail)
CM-700, Zig-110 Set, Robotis Controller ($119.90, $90 Retail)
4S 2000mAh Mil-Spec LiPo battery. ($99.99 Retail)

Total Retail on this is about $5400. We're asking for $2200 total, well below cost.

Here are some pictures of the first version, gives an idea of the size of the robot:




PLM Leg:


Here is the final version of it. I ended up doubling up the hip and ankle roll axis on servos, and custom built some machined feet for it.



If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Even if you're just looking for a stack of RX servos, this is a solid deal. We've priced it such that the servos are heavily discounted and the brackets are basically free.

Again, asking price is $2200. Retail on this bot is roughly $5400.

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I hope you know how much I hate you. :-p

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Dang, didn't see this sooner... Another kick-ass deal...


07-08-2011, 11:24 AM
Do you have any other used Dynamixles for sale?