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07-01-2011, 02:59 AM

I am Dennis, a german electrical engineering student.

Because of my studies and the resulting lack of time I had to quit my humanoid robot project and have now 22 more of these servos on demand.

They are new, original packaging and one of the most powerful servo in the model range. They were originally used to build humanoid robots. However with the following specifications there are more ways to use them:

Technical data:

• Maximum motion angle: 270 degrees
• Torque: 67 Kg.cm
• Speed: 0.22 sec / 60 degrees (on stabilized power supply of 11.1V)
• Power supply voltage 9-12V
• Dimensions: 51 × 32 × 39.5 mm
• Weight: 100.8g (including the horn)




With the double case you can realized a joint with 134 Kg.cm

They are all brand new and packaged.
The right RCB-4HV Board (with connections for 35 serovs) and other accessories such as the double cas or the connection cable are also brand new and packaged available on demand.

More pictures you can find here:






These can be bought for 150 USD per piece. (regular selling price in japan = 26775 Yen = 231,56 EUR + MwSt. = 275,56 EUR = 397 USD)

Bundle with 6 KRS-6003HV motors for 834 USD

Bundle with 18 KRS-6003HV motors for 2412 USD

! ! ! For these two options is free international shipping ! ! !

I have these servos occupation at the end of last year from japan (original invoice is available) and therefore they are not contaminated by the reactor accident in Fukushima.

The shipping costs will be calculate individually for the international shipping. The item local place is germany.
Please send me a message for more information to:

[email protected]

I post them on ebay too:


Have a nice day!