View Full Version : [Project] Distributed co-ordination of robot for fire fighting

07-09-2011, 04:39 AM
I want to do a a project on 'DISTRIBUTED CO-ORDINATION OF ROBOT FOR FIRE FIGHTING'.In this project,i am going to have a master robot and two slave robot.
Master robot is controlled manually by sending a message to move to a location where fire fighting requires. .The work of master is to send slave robot to region(region will be quite nearer) to extinguish fire and slave robots should not conflict with each other.A slave robot is required to operate within the region allocated to it and should be able to avoid obstacle and do their work assigned to them.if a slave robot cannot be able to complete a work assigned to them ,it should send a message to master robot.
My doubt is what kind of wireless communication do i need for this process so that master can send and receive correct message from/to a slave robot i.e if a slave robot has to go to a particular position message has to be send to a particular slave robot and not to the other?
1) Is it possible that wi-fi can be used to produce a unique id to slave robots so that a slave does not receive a wrong message which is not intended for it? .
2) Is there any other wireless communication medium which will be effective for my project?
3) Shall i use sonar sensor for it or IR sensor itself will alone be required ?
suggestion are required..