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08-25-2011, 08:22 PM
A robot that doesn't think ... but just teaches ... the BallBot1!

Children need a head-start for school ... a stronger math foundation for their education.

A robot that doesn't think ... but just teaches. It's myriad functions teach the user about numbers, counting, arithmetic and musical note relationships ... and it plays a bunch of fun children's games too.

The robot is intended to be a teaching tool for teachers, a teaching aide for parents and an overall fun toy for children to play with.

The BallBot1 can be used by children as young as 4-years old but still is hackable so that it can be used in college level electronics, computer programming lab and even mechanical engineering lab classes.

The robot is designed to encourage Arts & Crafts as well ... for the gaming side of fun.

The BallBot1 was developed from the most enjoyed demonstrations I made for the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club robot club classes I volunteered for the after school program. After seeing what the kids liked best, I crammed those functions into the BallBot1 prototype I called the CanBot1 . All the kids want to take it home.

As it turns out, it's not so much the robotics as the programming solutions that get the kids going and having a robot that speaks a robot language the kids easily learn reinforces their will to learn ... and learn they did. The robot language is similar to the R2D2 character in "Star Wars" films ... but this language being a combination of aural and visual responses to the child's commands is learned in a few minutes of play.

Parent and teachers will love using the robots to engage the children in building a foundation for engineering and computer science in later schooling. The more immediate reward is the children's grasp on numbers, counting, arithmetic and musical note relationships.

The BallBot1 is kind of like futuristic flash cards that help students any age learn. Yet, it can be used for myriad games too.

Sorry, I can't post the program that makes this work ... but right now I'm looking for a financial partner and manufacturing to move this into the consumer product marketplace. I want to sell these for less than $100 each so kids from all economic environments can afford to gain an edge on their future.