View Full Version : [Project] Linear Actuator Control

09-28-2011, 01:42 AM
hey guys,

i would like to build a machine which includes a linear actuator like this one here:

a video of the actuator in action can be found here:

so far so good. what i would need now is a programmable chip or something like that to program a loop to just drive the cylinder out and in without a break.
if you start the program, the cylinder should start moving out and if the cylinder is driven out it should automatically drive in and so on.

then i would need a control box with two adjusting turning knobs.
one knob should control the speed and one knob should control the stroke length.

the linear actuator i like to use has a maximum speed of 10.6"/sec.
so if the speed adjusting knob on the control box is at full speed it should move the stroke with 10.6"/sec.

the stroke size of the cylinder is 10", so it should be adjustable to a maximum stroke length of 10".

i really have no idea if this is possible and how complex this would be but i know that if somebody could give me an answer, it would be some of you!

thank you very much and best regards,