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10-11-2011, 07:41 AM
Hello All,

I am looking for some help. First off, total newbie but I am assuming with premade components and some help, I can get this idea started.

All I am looking to do is mimic hand movement. Imaging using a joystick (like from a game) to make some movement, perhaps forward, then backwards, then to the right. Then I wish to make ( and I think I am using the terms incorrectly) the servo mimic that motion. How can I start doing this? Also I would really rather use C# than C++ if possible. Right now, cost isn't an issue.

Also any books how what components do? How they connect?

Please email me at rkrausse[at]consiliumsoft[dot]com

10-11-2011, 09:37 PM
There are several different ways to do it. The simplest would be using two feedback equipped servos (like dynamixels) to create a joystick with two rotational degrees of freedom (basically one of the PhantomX or WidowX robot turrets from trossen). It would be bulky, but simple to construct and control.

If you were willing to deal with increased complexity, I would go with a pair of MX-28 controlled by a USB2Dynamixel equipped PC (you could use any language you want). I would mount the MX-28 underneath a panel with long-ish arms connected to the horns that are then connected to the bottom of a joystick with adjustable rod arms/turnbuckles (using rod end bearings on the ends of the adjustable rod). I would make the joystick from a simple rod or tube with a pin protruding completely though it about an inch from the bottom. Combine this with a small plastic plate and another pair of pins on the face plate orthogonal to both the joystick and the other pin to construct a makeshift two degree of freedom gimbal.

Very badly drawn (and likely more confusing than helpful) diagram attached.