View Full Version : Bricked XBEE's

10-17-2011, 02:24 AM
I had a couple of these and fixed all but one.

I have one left that is a 1mW chip antenna and is actually the one I want the most to work.

I used this method.
It worked for all of them except one.

I'm about ready to smash the crap out of it with a hammer.

Any suggestions? Or do I keep trying?

10-17-2011, 11:54 AM
Use a large hammer :lol:

Yep, I have seen the same method described in a few places. It worked for me with all of my XBee 1s I needed to unbrick, but I did have 2 different XBee 2s that I could not get to unbrick, I finally tossed those :(.

I like the suggestions about how to do the reset, with a jumper wire. Others suggested you remove the chip from the socket and then reinsert it, which was sometimes problematic. I ended up using the Digikey board with a reset button, but the jumper makes a lot of sense...

Good Luck