View Full Version : [Question(s)] RoboPlus: Remote Control Code / Turning Torque Off

10-24-2011, 06:32 PM
I am a newbie.

1. Where can I find Task Manager code to have the robot respomd to wireless remote control commands?

2. In the Motion Manager, how do I turn off the torque so that I may capture a pose? I've tried the light bulb icons but nothing happens?

Thanks in advance.

10-24-2011, 07:36 PM
To prevent future confusion, there is no Task Manager or Motion Manager. The RoboPlus suite contains three basic programs called "Task", "Motion", and "Manager".

The RoboPlus Task command for using the RC-100 (or ZIG2Serial) with matched ZIG-100/110's is located under 'Controller' in the menu of commands. You use 'Remocon TXD' on the left side of the instruction line to send the value on the right side ("Remocon TXD = 10" will send 10 from the CM-5/510/700 to the ZIG2Serial). To receive from the RC-100/ZIG2Serial, use the 'Remocon Arriived' command to know when a valid packet has been received and use 'Remocon RXD' to retrieve the 2-byte data payload of the packet ("if (Remocon Arrived == TRUE then" "data = Remocon RXD").

When using RobotPlus Motion you use the two light bulbs to enable/disable torque, but you must first select which servos you want to control in the far right panel that lists the current position value of the servo. When you select a servo and click the disable torque (unlit) light bulb, then the position value should change to 'disabled' instead of a numerical value. Once you move to the new position, select the servo again and click the enable torque (lit) light bulb, then the servo position value should again be a numerical value.