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11-17-2011, 11:25 PM
I've just spent a bit of the past two months getting ReactOS working on a system that uses the Vortex86DX CPUs (similar to the RoBoard and eBox systems). I've created the start of a web page about this project:

If your RoBoard (or eBox) has a BIOS selection for "Standard IDE Compatible" then ReactOS might work on your system. There is still a bit of work to get ReactOS running on older Vortex86DX systems that don't have that BIOS option.

This new OS option looks like it could be fun and interesting and your help is encouraged.

11-22-2011, 03:13 PM
I should probably have written just a little about what ReactOS is. This is from the page:

ReactOS® is a free, modern operating system based on the design of Windows® XP/2003. Written completely from scratch, it aims to follow the Windows-NT® architecture designed by Microsoft from the hardware level right through to the application level. This is not a Linux based system, and shares none of the unix architecture.

The main goal of the ReactOS project is to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows. This will allow your Windows applications and drivers to run as they would on your Windows system. Additionally, the look and feel of the Windows operating system is used, such that people accustomed to the familiar user interface of Windows® would find using ReactOS straightforward. The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to allow you to remove Windows® and install ReactOS without the end user noticing the change.

Please bear in mind that ReactOS 0.3.13 is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is not recommended for everyday use.