View Full Version : UARTSBEE (xbee) transfer hangs every so often

Mr Ted
12-13-2011, 10:42 PM
I have some issues using the UARTSBEE (xbee usb adapter).

I working on a project that uses the two XBEEs (baud rate 9600). The host system sends requests to the remote unit
and the remote send back a response. (some of the responses are 5 to 9 bytes, and another is 40Kbytes)
Everything works just fine using the PC standard rs232 xbee adapter (2000 40kbytes transfers with no errors) [Happy, Happy...!!]

I'm in the process of switching from the rs232 xbee adapter to the 'UARTSBEE' usb XBEE adapter.
But I am running into problems getting it work reliably.
The only difference in the code is the serial port that I am using.
The code sends a request to the remote unit but then hangs waiting for the response from the remote unit.
I added some delay in between the write command and the read command but code will still hang every so often.
(about 1 out of 40 transfers)

Any thoughts on how I can get around this problem?