View Full Version : Darwin-OP OS upgrade to Xubuntu 11.10

12-21-2011, 12:25 PM
Not sure how useful this will be to many of you. For those of you with a DARwIn-OP wanting to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10, you might want to try Xubuntu 11.10 (http://www.robotsource.org/xe/?document_srl=1876). The lab got a second one in last week, and I thought "Xubuntu works well enough on my netbook, why not try it on a DARwIn?" After a bit of trial and error, I have gotten all of the example projects from sourceforge compiling and running correctly. There are several extra '-dev' packages that have to be installed before everything works correctly, and the upgrade to gcc-4.6 is unforgiving of linker flags preceding object or code files (might need to modify some makefiles - /darwin/Linux/project/demo and most of the programs in /darwin/Linux/project/tutorial/). The only thing really annoying me right now is the screen resolution problem (if you do not have an HDMI/DVI monitor plugged in during startup, it will default to VGA resolution).