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01-27-2012, 01:21 AM
I am getting a MS in computer science and will be finishing up soon. I have started looking around for possible employers. I would love to do something in the field of robotics. Preferably for a smaller company. (I have seen the Trossen posting... I am considering applying :tongue: but a MS may be a little overkill.)

But it looks like a lot of these smaller companies often want an electrical engineer with CS skills. While I can't manage that, I was wondering if there are a core set of classes that could give me a solid foundation. I know some basics, and am sure I could learn more on my own, but taking the classes would help prove I know my stuff since I have no work experience yet.

For example, I know in CS if someone took the two intro to programming classes (learn C or Java or Python and write simple programs), data structures and algorithms, they have pretty much the core skills to be able to pick up additional knowledge without too much trouble, other classes like operating systems or networking are more like icing on the cake that may or may not be relevant to any particular software job.

Is there a set of classes like this for electrical engineering? Most of the job descriptions that I have looked at say things along the lines of "analog and/or digital circuit design", "PCB layout" and occasionally things like VLSI or FPGA experience.

04-24-2012, 11:45 AM
I think there are some classes that would provide you with a good foundation. I am assuming you have a solid foundation in calculus and caluculs based physic's as well. Here is a link so some of the classes offered at the University of Buffalo's EE program.


In this, I see EE202/EE203 Circuit analysis, EE205 Signals and systems, EE278 Digital principles. Some of these, digital principles seems likely, you may have CS courses that would be similar. I included the link so you could read the descriptions and decide for your self. After this it becomes more specialization I think, Power, Controls, RF/Communication etc...

Hope that helps, feel free to post more questions if you have them.

Good luck on the Job, if you haven't looked into Boston Dynamic's you might want to, they make cool bots!