View Full Version : [Project] This Ultrasonic Transducer Sensor is Amazing

05-16-2012, 01:13 AM
I had the opportunity to see the new HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ in operation Wednesday evening this past week. All I can say is WOW! This sensor is truly an amazing piece of engineering work. The most exciting part of the demonstration that I saw was the engineer set up an MB1010 (in free run operation 20Hz) pointed directly at the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ (in free fun 10Hz operation). The HRLV sensor maintained stable 1mm reported resolution +/- 1mm to a 1 meter target (on a small occasion, there was a noise blip of 2 to 4 millimeters change). The multi sensor operation of this test was the equivalent of running three 10Hz operation sensors because of the 20Hz operation of the LV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor. I have never seen this type of reported accuracy in a low cost Ultrasonic sensor (http://www.osenon.com).

As a manager I then saw the demonstration of the temperature compensation which was very impressive. The engineer had the HR-MaxTemp external temperature sensor attached and the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor reported range matched a laser range finder reported range in millimeters at one meter. For demonstration, he took the temperature sensor in his hand and started to warm it up by just holding the HR-MaxTemp. The sensor immediately started to apply the compensation for temperature to the readings and I could see the change in the reported range. Then once the HR-MaxTempUltrasonic sensor (http://www.osenon.com) cooled down, the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor was reporting accurately to the millimeter again.

Production of the HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensors started this last week. We are finishing all the production fixtures and test sets. The datasheet is in the engineering department and is being handed back and forth for revisions. We have the website going through final revisions for publishing and all internal system updates are being finished for this new and exciting product.

The HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor is truly a revolutionary sensor for only $34.95. Watch our website for the ability to place preorders within the next week. The sensors will begin shipping about 1 week (or less) after preorder is posted. We look forward to providing this sensor solution to you!