View Full Version : [Question(s)] Crustcrawler Smart Arm AX-12A + CM-700+ Logitech C525HD + Roborealm AVM

05-29-2012, 03:43 AM
Hi Trossen Community,

I have a bit of problem on AX12 dynamixel. I am now using crustcrawler robot arm and roborealm.. I try to make a pan and tilt program for arm robot..

First try I have make a program just to make the robot follow an object on x-axis(horizontal, base servo only).. the program working fine, but the movement of the robot is not smooth..

this is one part of the VB script program..

if dX > threshold and turret_h > -512 then
' The object is at left side
turret_h = turret_h + 1
end if
if dX < -threshold and turret_h < 511 then
' The object is at right side
turret_h = turret_h - 1
end if
turret_v128 = turret_v + 512

The variable "turret_v128" is sent to servo 1, as a "goal position" value.. the +1 is small value, maybe robot base cannot move precisely because other factor such as load..

The question is, what other variable I must find and sent to dynamixel motor so it can move smoothly? example: CW/CCW compliance slope/margin or moving speed or torque limit?

Roborealm AVM module

Roborealm dynamixel module

Roborealm VB script module:

Example movement I want:


My robot movement 1:


My robot movement 2: