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06-06-2012, 09:11 PM
Ive been working on my robot to be able to crawl and drive with a four wheel omni wheel drive system and have an upper body humanoid style that is completely built with the exception of a few minor things and now all that is left is to program it. Unfortuanately i am not well versed in programming especially when programming for remote control use and would greatly appreciate if any one has any tutorials or help for such. I am using dynamixel ax-12a motors exclusively and I am using the bioloid premium's cm-510 controller and roboplus software, however I do have an arduino mega and would appreciate any help or tutorials on that as well. At this point I'm not sure which is better because I have figured out and tested the walking gait for it using the roboplus motion editor, however like I noted before, I have no clue how to program the bioloid premium's remote controller to access these motion files etc. and I would like to eventually switch to the arduino if even possible at some point. Any help is well appreciated. Also I am looking for a good and regularly priced wireless camera for viewing through laptop streaming. Thanks in advance for any help. Also feedback on the current design is welcome as well. Btw the picture with the wheels down is without power to the motors, the robot does not actually touch the ground while driving. :)


06-19-2012, 08:10 AM
In the spirit of 'Any help is well appreciated', note that i mostly just read threads here, i havent build nearly enough robots to take my word for something.

Having said that, i think that, unless your comfortable soldering and editing firmware, you cant really use your dynamixels on just any arduino, there is however a special arduino by one of the forum members (lnxfergy (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/member.php?1768-lnxfergy)) called the 'Arbotix' thats pretty much a arduino for bioloid, it has dynamixel AX ports out-of-the-box and theres even a way to run RX servos (the next step in the dynamixel familiy) using a special little converter board. Both are available in the trossen shop, and possibly other shops. Search this forum & google for 'Arbotix' and you should find lots of info.

For a wireless camera, i see the 'Trendnet wifi ip camera' beeing used most, that white one with the antenna sticking out (i did a quicky google and the best i could come up with was the "TV-IP110W" but that looks like a newer model)

And i really like your design, but im thinking those 'feet' (the brackets) will make walkin gates act up, your prolly better of finding some rubber spheres or something similair to use as feet. Also, you could think about using the wheels as feet, if youd have a way to rotate them so they 'point downwards' and become a circulair foot, that would be a cool sight.

And finally, i was wondering, omnidirectional wheels on a bioloid? are that wheels you got somewhere else? or do they have official omnidirectional-wheel-dynamixels?

06-20-2012, 04:13 PM
Thanks a bunch :) and as far as the feet thing go I found that the more points of contact with the ground there are, the better stability it has :) and I figured out how to program it all and make the controller work so I'm ubër happy I just have to finish writing the motions for the walking in motion pages, which I've done before so I just need to sit down and do it :) and thanks for the info about arbotix cause I was wondering what exactly they were :) and the robot does stand and lower onto the omni wheels (which are Lego tetrix omni wheels and just happen to fit perfectly) so that it can drive :)

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That is a pretty awesome robot! Keep up the great work!