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06-19-2012, 07:00 AM
Ok, I'm going to show everyone my knowledge of electronics now. I have a project that I want to use two (2) 250watt motors and I don't know how to size a controller for them. I want to be able to drive the motors like a tank. Both forward/backward and one at a time for turning. I will be using simple push buttons on a controll panel. I don't need wireless or programmable controls. Do I need a controller that supports 250watts or 500watts? The motors are from a "Razor" like scooter. They are either 12V or 24V. Not sure at this time. Any suggestions or questions to help with the selection of the controller?? One more thing. I will need a variable speed controller or motorcycle type twist controller. Both scooters come with their own controllers but I think I need just one. Do I need to use each motor with their own controller or can I control both with one controller??

Hope this question isn't so simple that you all are laughing so hard and nobody responds. I have to admit that I am mechanical, not electrical.

06-20-2012, 01:05 AM
You need one H-bridge driver per motor, if you want to individually do forwards/backwards/speed for each of the motors.
There exists "motor controller" boards that have two H-bridges on-board, for controlling two motors, and are typically controlled "dual controllers." Some of them can even take "gas and steer" input and turn it into "tank-style" motor output.
If you don't know whether you will be driving the motors with 24V or 12V, which at 250W means 10.5A or 5.5A, I'd suggest going for a pair of 24V/15A drivers.
Also make sure the controller supports PWM for speed control.