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07-27-2012, 03:15 PM
Sorry for the long delay and getting our Mech profile on the forums. We barely have enough time posting to our own website. There is plenty more info on RA and other related RTEAM robotics club projects there. Most is under Projects->Workshops


4084 (http://www.phys-x.org/rbots/)408540864087

RA 2.0 design is as follows


We use AX-12 with 3DOF per leg. We hacked the NUKE code to work with the Arduino ADK (should work with mega also). NUKE took plenty of hand tweaking, but was not too bad once we got use to it. We are currently updating the code to work with Arduino 1.0 and a different dynamixel arduino library

Turret + Gun

We used the plastic AEG gearbox from here


(http://www.speedytoys.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=1462)with a normal airsoft gun barrel and hop-up and of course who can miss our durable Tupperware hopper


The pilot code is written in C# and communicates over bluetooth to the mech which has a blueSMirF bluetooth to serial adapter. We use an arduino ADK board on the embedded side.


This year we tried something new with the Android cell phone as the IP web camera. The main driving factor here was to use this as a stepping stone for a fully auto mech controlled by the cell phone.


We had 4 sharp IR sensors on each side of Mech along with 2 IR sensors mounted to servos to scan around. Once again this was mainly for the next step of auto Mech.

Lessons Learned

FOD ... foreign objects getting into the mech this year was a real pain. Those little metal nuts and screws getting down into the electronics... oh my. future designs should have electronics in enclosures

Bluetooth costed us the match as we lost our link for 20 seconds and DQd... and we went with a external usb bluetooth to get range and we did not really test it that much and it turned out the internal laptop's bt was the better choice. In the end I think we will do what everyone else does on future Mech's which is Xbee.

Pilot training cannot be underscored. Get a working mech and practice driving and shooting

Video software hurt us bad this year creating 2-3 seconds of lag in the harsh emi environment that we did not see at home. Although we have now tested with VLC libraries, it seems to suffer from this too. Other than just using a regular browser, I am not sure what other's solutions are to ensure frames are dropped and not buffered

Oh and we finally beat Immortal :) 20-19 in a really fun fight. It was good to know that he was mortal after all. An Achilles servo shall we say...

07-27-2012, 03:20 PM
Some more videos



08-01-2012, 04:19 PM
Great stuff guys, and thanks for sharing. You're hands down one of the most fearsome and competent teams that has showed up more recently. Can't wait to see what you bring next year!