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08-18-2012, 11:21 AM
i have recently ended a project called elektro 3. it is a mobile robotic platform with an onboard intel atom based computer and ubuntu linux.

in particularly the platform is this:


so... when i ended the robot building i started to make a sort of inventary of all the parts and sensor that remained new and unused and now i want to sell them

here is a list with quantities and prices of all the parts i didn't use.

13x Devantech SRF04 ultrasonic range finder 16 pounds each

2x Arduino l298 2A motor controller DFrobot 8 pounds each

3x Phidget 1122 30 ampere dual current sensor 16 pounds each

2x Phidget 1135 +-30 volt voltage sensor 4 pounds each

1x Phidget 1125 Humidity e temperature sensor 24 pounds

2x Phidget encoder high speed 1057 35 pounds each

2x Phidget 1101 ir adapter + sharp 2D150A 10 pounds each

2x Phidget 1112 slider 60 mm 4 pounds each

1x Phidget vibration sensor 1104 4 pounds

1x Phidget 3 axis usb accelerometer 1059 43 pounds

2x xbee series 1 modules with wire antenna 16 pounds each

3x Phidget 1124 temperature sensor 4 pounds each

3x Phidget 1127 precision light sensor 4 pounds each

1x devantech electronic compass cmps03 16 pounds each

1x Hitechnic lego nxt Ir Seeker v2 35 pounds

1x muin dsnav 18 pounds

1x muin dspic 18 pounds

1x muin usb 18 pounds

2x lantronix Xport ethernet to serial embedded communication server 48 pounds each

1x xbee adapter 4 pounds

4x GHM04 gearmotors with solution cubed 300 cpr incremental optical encoder and mounting support a 43 pounds each

1x 16x4 blu lcd display a 7 pounds

1x sparkfun serial controlled lcd graphical display 160x128 a 48 pounds

1x 4x4 matrix keypad a 4 pounds

2x 500 cpr industrial incremental optical encoder Baumer BDK 16.05A 1024-5-4 a 110 pounds each

1x devantech md22 a 48 pounds

1x phidget 8/8/8 1018 with acrylic enclosure a 55 pounds

2x Hitec HS-5755MG digital servo 24 kg/cm di coppia a 29 pounds each

4x Hitec HS-5755MG digital servo modified to be simple gearmotors a 14 pounds each

6x lynmotion mounting for ultasonic and sharp sensors 3 pounds each

1x robotic mobile small platform with two gearmotors, two pwm h-bridges and 4 sharp gp2d02 range finders for only 150 pounds

1x robocontroller v2 con dspic a 10 pounds

1x 433 mhz antenna a 5 pounds

2x banebots wheels 60 mm 3 pounds each

the sending fees are charge of the buyer.

please feel free to contact me for every question.

here is a photo of the parts

i have also another part that i want to sell. it is an hokuyo laser range finder. i sell it on ebay.


i hope someone will be interested

08-26-2012, 11:22 AM
anyone interested?

i have lowered the price for the laser scanner


09-01-2012, 05:37 AM
it's the last time i try to sell the laser range finder.

now the starting price is very low

hope someone will be interested