View Full Version : For Sale: Robot Kits ,Mecanum Wheel And Omni Wheel

Kevin Wan
10-08-2012, 12:47 AM
Robot kits, omni wheels and mecanum wheels for robotic education, automation research, and hobbyists , with good quality and pretty competitive price.

Products including (Can be customized):

● 100mm,127mm,152mm Omni-wheels of Plastic and Aluminum alloy
● 100mm,152mm,203mm Mecanum wheels
● 2WD,3WD and 4WD Robot kits
● IR Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors
● Microcontrollers compatibles with Arduino, Motor Controllers

For further informations please visit:www.nexusrobot.com
(http://www.nexusrobot.com/)Should any of these items be of interest to you, please contact me:
Email:[email protected] (Email%[email protected])

10-09-2012, 02:06 PM
The kits are seriously overpriced, the motors are surplus, and the chassis/frames do not have very high payloads. Darsha is a heavily modified 4WD omni-wheel platform and I really wish we had just bought their 100mm mecanum wheel kit (or similar kit from another vendor), four banebots P60 motor-gearbox combos, some big motor drivers, and some 8020 extruded aluminum frame.

The omni-wheels are pretty nice with bearings inside the rollers allowing for very smooth rotation. The only real problem is that the rollers have a constant diameter circular cross-section so that as the wheel turns around the motor axis the point of contact varies between the pointed ends of the opposing rollers. This creates a very loud and rough (vertically oscillating) motion on hard surfaces - less noticeable on low-pile carpet. I expect that with sufficient usage, the ends will wear themselves down to create a better wheel cross-section (circular instead of polygonal), but that could take quite a while.