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02-16-2013, 03:27 AM
Hello everyone
Sorry for my english
It searches all the tutorials about programming in roboplustask, I do not have the physical robot while engaged in the development of the motion graphics. I would be very grateful if someone threw me a line of code in C for (responsible for movement): Clapping, Rap chest, head Scratch

If someone has something that saved my life

02-16-2013, 04:39 AM
Under "Product Information -> Bioloid -> Download", you will find all of the motion and task example files that come with the kit and they should help greatly in understanding how motion pages are called within task code. Also helpful are "Software Help -> RoboPlus -> RoboPlus Motion -> Getting Started" and "Software Help -> RoboPlus -> RoboPlus Task -> Programming -> Parameter -> Motion".

Basically, you open the motion file with RoboPlus Motion and identify the motion page number that starts the motion you want. Just an example (not actual page numbers), if the clapping motion sequence starts at page 43 and automatically calls page 44, which then calls 45 before exiting. To clap, you would use "Motion Page=43" once in your task code to start the playing the motion at page 42, then use "Wait While(Motion Status == TRUE)" to pause your program until the motion sequence finishes (you could do other actions, but incorrectly interrupting motion sequences can have unfortunate consequences).

There is no Robotis-supported embedded-c code to play motions, only RoboPlus Task has a motion engine. It is theoretically possible to modify the arbotix interpolating motion engine to function with the CM-510/530/700, but that would require a bit of work.