View Full Version : Need to talk to someone for a report (preferably someone who works at the trossen shop or for another company)

04-17-2013, 08:22 PM
Im doing a report in english 12 on what i want to do as a future career. in the report i need a few sources/interviewees. if you are currently or have worked for a robotic part store/research company/ etc. who specializes in robotics please pm me if you are interested in helping me out.
sadly my co-captains (me and the primary Co. have been there 4 years and second co. - 3) of FIRST FRC tobotics team 1095 Chatham RoboCavs doesnt count (they are literally hovering over my should atm making me add that part >.< cuz they want our team to seem completely "official" even though everyone knows our broke team assembles robots with a few bolts wire ties super glue duct tape and alot of prayer XD)
ANY robotic field will do, so long as its not just hobby and can be considered a "job"/ "profession."
and on a side note as you can probably tell through my typing, im not so good with english so this project will be the deciding factor if i graduate this year and get to VCU or not >.<
any and all help/interest would be greatly appreciated