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08-21-2013, 09:45 PM
Hello you guys, my name is Israel and I live in PR. So we have a star trek fan club and we where thinking of making an bridge console, and was looking for sensors for the transporter and etc. My problems is that I only know the basics of electronics and I found you guys have a great deal of sensors and the kits to come with the I was just wondering. How can I apply sensors to ideas that i have, let me give you examples. I was looking at your PhidgetLinearTouch sensor, I wanted to know how to make it so it lights a light board? do I just use the kit you guys sell and this sensor and just add the lights or is there something else I need to ad or know? also you have a PhidgetCircularTouch, is there any way that I can use that to control lets say a 3d pic on the pc and if you could direct me to a tutorial that could help me, I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance