View Full Version : [Project] libdynamixel (C lib) and dynamixel_zmq

09-16-2013, 01:56 PM
Hi all,

just as a short announcement (sorry for the ads ;-) )

I started to write a new dynamixel C library and a usermode dynamixel-zeromq service.

The idea is to run this stuff at some kind of embedded linux board and maybe even port the bioloid to linux.

Cool thing on the ZeroMQ part is, that it makes it possible to access your dynamixel bus via the network.

Both projects are at a very early stage and can be found at github:
* https://github.com/erazor83/libdynamixel
(https://github.com/erazor83/libdynamixel) * https://github.com/erazor83/dynamixel_zmq
Regards and happy programming :-)