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01-08-2014, 11:18 PM
Hi all,

I'm writing to show off a prototype programmable robotic cooking machine that we recently built. This device has the ability to heat to some duty cycle, 2 DOF stirring (over a variety of profiles) and a timer. It's controlled with an embedded android phone (using bluetooth to talk to the device). Electronics inside use an arduino to control motors / switches / relays. Frame is mostly 80 20 with laser cut acrylic paneling. Check out these videos of a few recipes we've tried:



Chicken curry:


Korean beef:


This has been a ton of fun to play around with for the past few weeks. We'd love any feedback other people have, especially if you live near Boston and would be interested in trying it out!

Also, if you're interested in more details, we've been documenting this project at oakrobotics.com (someone please let me know if I'm not supposed to endorse our website and I'll edit the post). Thanks!

01-09-2014, 12:32 AM
Very cool, although still not quite as cool as a PR2 cooking breakfast (nothing quite like spending months of dev time to make a few hundred thousand dollars of equipment successfully perform what most humans find to be a trivial task).

Any plans to add chutes/bins to automatically add ingredients at certain times in the cooking process? It generated visions of making chili by dumping a brick of beef into the pot and throw the beans, tomatoes, peppers, and spices in the bin(s), before just walking away to let it cook and drain the meat before adding the rest, and calling me on my phone whenever it is all ready. The draining part might be a bit complicated and dangerous, but might be feasible with more vertical clearance by the stirrer. Some mechanism to slide over the pot and grab the handles while clamping a straining grate over the top of the pot, then tilt the pot off the hotplate to pour the grease into a pan to cool.

The only websites really not appreciated are the sort of spam we've been getting the last few days for watching bootleg movies, and the occasional copy-paste posts with invisible text links to dating/gambling/porn sites.

Side-note: If you are looking for T-slot extrusions in the future, I very much recommend misumi (http://us.misumi-ec.com/). Custom lengths in lots of different profiles and drilling/boring/tapping options at low prices. Although they do not technically sell to residential customers, I had no issues with my order for a rover upgrade (I still need to upload photos of that at some point).

01-09-2014, 01:44 PM
Looks delicious!

How have you found the Acrylic to work in proximity to heat? Generally, it's not a very heat-resistant material.

01-09-2014, 04:38 PM

We'd love to add that functionality but it starts to get expensive really fast. Our goal was to build something fairly simple that is still useful. Maybe at scale prices come down, but we're nowhere near that stage. Thanks for the tip on the T-slot extrusions!


The acrylic is far enough away from the heat that it never gets hot. There are a couple of stainless steel plates that do a surprisingly good job of keeping steam away from the top shelf area, so that's not an issue either.