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02-03-2014, 04:39 PM
Electronic Artists LPC40 (http://mbed.org/platforms/EA-LPC4088)



High-performance ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-M4F core running at up to 120MHz

2 x USB Host/Device,
3 x SPI,
2 x I2C,
3 x UART,
2 x CAN,
6 x PWM,
6 x ADC,

512 KByte on-chip FLASH
96 KByte on-chip SRAM
4 KByte on-chip E2PROM
8 MByte QSPI FLASH (can execute program code and/or contain a file system)
32 MByte SDRAM with 32-bit databus access
On-board globally unique MAC address.

2x22 pin edge pins
10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)
USB-A (USB Host interface)
USB-micro B (USB Device interface)
USB-micro B (mbed HDK debug interface)
20 position SWD/Trace connector (ARM standard debug connector)
61 pos 0.3mm pitch FPC connector for display expansion
20 pos XBee compatible connector for RF module add-on
Display expansion

Up to 24-bit pixel data (16-bit most common) via 61 pos, 0.3mm pitch FPC connector.88

I got the EA LPC4088 about a week ago and have played with it a bit. This is also my first mbed.org platform so that took some figuring. The mbed online IDE and compiler seems to work well. Its responsive enough and perfectly usable. It is cool being able to search for libraries and programs and pull them directly in.

Programming is also easy, it automatically sends you the bin file and after it downloads (instantly) in Chrome, i just drag it over to the drive in My Computer and it programs.

I ran the Hello Worlds, blinkies, and serial over USB tests and they work. I've also managed to port over most of my B.E.T.H. code and got the Commander library working. (Having the Xbee connector right on the board is really nice).

Next up is to get the dynamixels running. On the hardware side i need to wire up a connector or cut a Dynamixel cable in half and hardwire it on. On the software side, there is an mbed AX-12 library. I haven't tried it yet and it seems a little limited (no syncwrite), but it should be a good starting off point.

02-03-2014, 10:08 PM
Are the pins 5V tolerant/capable? Else the Dynamixel TTL may not work well directly into that board!

02-04-2014, 06:49 AM
I'm glad you reminded me to check.


In short, the I/O is 5V tolerant so it should be good to go.