View Full Version : DynamixelSDK for USB2AX

02-23-2014, 09:29 PM
DynamixelSDK_sync, with sync_read and sync_write, to get the fast communication your bot deserves!
Try it now, and SAVE on your communication time!

https://github.com/Xevel/usb2ax (in pc_software/usb2ax_DynamixelSDK)

There is an example in C++ for windows, but the library code itself is still as cross platform as the original. (meaning that for every plateform it has been ported to, replacing dynamixel.c and updating the header (adding the new functions and making the RX buffer a little larger) is all it takes to get it working.

A few tests with 8 AX servos (4 AX-12A and 4 AX-18A) showed that writing the goal position (two bytes) to all these servos at once takes around 0.5ms, and reading the present position (2 bytes) of these 8 servos takes around 2.7ms.
The timing that the stock example in the repo will give you is worse than that due to the code that prints the values (around 4.5ms for a sync_read and all the print_f on my desktop computer).

I would be greatly interested in people testing that in various environments.

02-25-2014, 02:02 AM
It looks great! I will test it with 12 AX-12 and publish the results.
Thanks :)