View Full Version : PyPose, Arbotix-M and Mac - Issue - PyPose will can not read servos: 1, 2, etc

07-17-2014, 02:37 PM
OSX 10.9
Arbotix-M - 6 servo's all ID'd
PySerial 2.7
Python 2.7 & Python 3.4
PyPose/NUKE 0015

FTDI Cable.

Hi, I can upload and run sketches on the arm with no problem. All servo's run under control.

When I use PyPose on the Mac (after all the problems getting this to run via wxPython 2.9 etc and then rem'ing out line 361 etc etc.)

I now can't get PyPose to read any of the servo's. When I go into the Terminal and type any command, including ls or help, I get no response, just a new line.

I have repeated uploading the pypose sketch. Also, I have twiddled with the baud rate of the serial, all to no effect.

Can someone point me in the direction of the next step to solve this problem?

"Minds greater than mine lend me your skills"


07-17-2014, 05:45 PM
Did you get PyPose from the vanadium labs github repository or from the googlecode download page? Did you try to change the port and speed settings in PyPose.py or pypose.ino? PyPose.py requires port and speed settings be specified in the configuration->port menu and connecting to the arbotix before doing anything else (will show red error text at bottom of screen if not connected to an arbotix running pypose.ino).

07-18-2014, 02:41 AM
The port is selected through the pypose Congifuration menu. That seems okay as there is no error message. However, there is a red bar across the bottom of the screen. The port speed is specified in the pypose sketch uploaded to the arbotix, but varying the baud rate didn't seem to have any effect. I have run both from Python2 and Python3 and the problem is the same.

07-18-2014, 03:04 AM
What does the text in the status bar at the bottom of the window say? If PyPose.py is not connecting to the arbotix's firmware (pypose.ino), then it should flash red with a bit of error message/text in it anytime you try to give a command to the servos (capture, relax, set) and should always display current connection status in the right partition of the status bar. How are you powering the servos and arbotix ([email protected] is recommended minimum)?

I forgot that baudrate was essentially hardcoded into PyPose.py, as the port configuration menu only asks for port not baudrate (although the function it calls can take a baudrate as argument). My version defaults to 115200, but I'm pretty sure the vanadium default is 38400 (should be defined in PyPose.py in the 'def openPort(self,...)' function title/header/declaration) so make sure they match between PyPose.py and pypose.ino. Also remember to delete any .pyc files if you modify the corresponding .py file (python does not always auto-magically re-compile the .py script if it has been modified).

07-21-2014, 01:03 PM
OK. There is no red connection problem.The pypose is uploaded to the Arbotix without issue. I need to figure out some process for testing the various parts that maybe wrong, can you guide me.

07-22-2014, 11:16 AM
Hoorah. I used the version of PyPose that came with the Arbotix 0015 download. Changed the name of Terminal.Py to TerminalX.Py to overcome some mac conflict issues listed here.


Then remarked out the NullColor Set Background line 153 -

And it works.... hoorah...

Cheers for the assistance and until the next time I feel lost...


07-25-2014, 04:15 AM
I believe you've hit https://github.com/vanadiumlabs/pypose/issues/6

The fact that the 0015 version works is an interesting fact, I'm adding this thread link to the ticket since that might help narrow down what changed.