View Full Version : [News/Announcement] Another chance to get custom CNC parts at a discount

10-29-2014, 02:04 PM
Howdy, robot builders!

Big Blue Saw is having a sale (https://www.bigbluesaw.com/waterjet_cutting/sale/save-on-aluminum-october-29-31.html). Through Friday, you can save on 1/8" thick custom aluminum 6061 parts. I used this material to build my robot for Dragon*Con Robot Battles last month, so I can tell you it's quite strong but easy to work with if you want to make any additional modifications.

The sale parts are made using waterjet cutting (https://www.bigbluesaw.com/saw/faqs/parts/how-does-waterjet-cutting-work.html). For those of you not familiar with this technique, browse the FAQs (https://www.bigbluesaw.com/faq.html) and articles (https://www.bigbluesaw.com/articles-list/big-blue-saw-designing-for-waterjet.html) on our website to learn more.