View Full Version : [Project] Hokuyo UTM 30-LX measurement problems

12-26-2014, 05:22 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm working with hokuyo UTM 30-LX on my project. This sensor has 0.1 to 30 meters range. However sometimes it gives me 1 millimeter as distance measurement. But when an object is putted in that spot it measures correctly. Approximately %10 of my measurement consist of this wrongly measured 1 millimeter. What could be reason of this problem?

12-26-2014, 11:20 AM
First: Lucky you; that's a nice piece of gear :-)

Second, I don't have one, but when I've seen other ranging sensors report too-close data, it's been because of self-reflection.

If you need to get this working right away, perhaps you can work around it by discarding any measurement less than, say, 10 mm, and interpolate between the surrounding measurements?
Then, when the Hokuyo people come back from break, perhaps you can get in contact with an application engineer and ask them directly.

12-26-2014, 01:41 PM
According to the URG Network tutorial (http://sourceforge.net/p/urgnetwork/wiki/tutorial_en/) under 'Range Data' and the first question of the FAQ (http://sourceforge.net/p/urgnetwork/wiki/faq_en/), the device will return a value lower than the minimum distance whenever an object is not detected within its sensing range. Sensing range can be affected by angle of incidence, lighting intensity (UTM-30-LX spec sheet says it is intended for ~1000lx indoor lighting), object reflectance (dark objects reflect less light), and object width (minimum width increases with distance from sensor).