View Full Version : [News/Announcement] Shipment Status

04-17-2015, 10:33 AM
Hi All,
Here's a record of our shipments as well as the schedule for the rest.

4/14 - first 15 units shipped out

4/16 - units 16-25 shipped out

4/20 - units 26-38 shipped out

4/21 through 4/22 - final 12 units shipped out

If you have any questions about your order in particular, just shoot me an message.

04-17-2015, 03:36 PM

could I ask when you will actually ship this to normal customers apart from just the first 50? Been eagerly watching and waiting, so it's good that after what seems such a long wait these are now starting to ship :happy:

04-19-2015, 11:57 PM
Right now we don't have a timeline for the next batch of kits to be available for purchase. Hopefully over the next 2 weeks we'll be able to regroup and figure out our timeline, but right now we're focusing on finishing delivery to the first 50 customers.