View Full Version : [Question(s)] Can you use R+ Motion with HR-OS1?

04-24-2015, 11:07 AM
Here's the newly updated Mac link:

04-29-2015, 10:57 AM
I know that you can rename your motion_4096.bin file to motion_4096.mtn and open it in roboplus motion 1, so I imagine that you could do the same in R+ motion, but we haven't tried. Keep in mind this will just give you an alternative to view/change the motion file, you won't be directly controlling your robot until you move the motion file back.

The original darwin framework could also interface with roboplus over the network. We're not officially supporting it, but you might be able to pull the program out of the darwin framework and trying to run it under the HR-OS1 framework.

Though there's no telling if R+ motion will support that.

I didn't realize that they finally came out with a Mac OS version, that's great!