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04-27-2015, 07:57 AM
Dear All,

First, I would say my gratitude to all folks at trossenrobotics for making such cost efficient "CM-730 equivalent" board.
Love the board so much..:happy::happy::happy::happy:

There are something that I want to ask here,

1. Anybody know where I can get a pin out diagram from the Arbotix Pro?Or A Schematic maybe?

2.At the beginning I assume that the Arbitox Pro board came with some kind of bootloader, just like Cm series Controller Board from Robotis, from CM-5 to CM-530,CM-730.

But from what Tyberius wrote on http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?7340-Arbotix-Pro-ROS-support&p=66765#post66765
"As tician said, the main release of the Arbotix-Pro will feature a CM-730 compatible firmware to keep things in line with the Darwin-OP framework and give people some options. This firmware is open source, and there is a 10-pin cortex spec JTAG available for custom firmware programming. The Arbotix-Pro will have its own 20-pin to 10-pin programming adapter & jig using contact pins, over using something like the Olimex adapters. This is both more robust and less expensive, and helps us with programming large runs of boards. "

It can be inferred that the only possible way to program the board is using the JTAG Connector, so is there any guide I can get to use this JTAG connector to program the Arbotix Pro with my custom firmware?



04-27-2015, 02:02 PM
If the Arbotix-Pro really is software compatible with the CM-730, then it should have the same bootloader that will operate with the DARwIn-OP firmware_installer program. Since I cannot find the re-flashing code in the original CM-730 firmware, I am assuming it is handled by a bootloader that I cannot remember where, or if, it is available. The re-flashing process consists of sending a stream of '#' characters until the CM-730 spits a '#' back to the PC. After that, send a '\r' and then 'l\r' to prep the CM-730 for 'loading' the new binary file and then wait for it to finish erasing the FLASH (CM-730 sends some status characters while erase is in progress, so just wait for data to stop). After the FLASH has been erased, the last thing to do is upload the new binary file and send '\rgo\r' to reboot the CM-730.

04-28-2015, 11:08 AM
We're still working on HR-OS1 documentation right now, but hopefully we'll have more information on programming the ArbotiX soon. We're loading code a little differently than the CM-730, so you can't treat it just like a CM-730.