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07-17-2015, 01:52 AM
I have been working on a 3dof hexapod spider and I would like to use inverse kinematics but have no idea how to perform the calculations or any thing else. I've been reading about this "Nearly universal kinematics engine" and PyPose program that seems like it could help in my project.only problem is I keep typing in Nuke editor and PyPose download and it takes me to the Arbotix Google repository and I've downloaded both the Zip and the manual but no exe program is included in the files. Can someone please send me a link to the software downloads that actually contain the .EXE program?

07-17-2015, 03:15 AM
Well PyPose is python so you won't see a .EXE file. It will be a .py file. Here is the latest version of pypose. :)


07-17-2015, 07:44 AM
Bit Off topic I admit: "Nearly universal kinematics engine" is really interesting. Can this be applied on custom humanoid bot too?

07-17-2015, 09:36 AM
No. At this time NUKE/PyPose only supports 4/6 legged 3 DoF walkers.

Kinematics on a biped is an entirely different ballgame. Much more complex.

07-17-2015, 04:56 PM
Ok I'm really starting to feel stupid here. I followed the link and what it takes me to is a page full of code banks or what appear that way. And the stuff I downloaded from the Google repository just makes my Arduino open up. Am I supposed add these files to the arduino to compile the nuke editor/PyPose GUI program pictured below?


I also followed the docs link and followed the directions and downloaded and installed the three programs listed. One of them created a file called PYPose on my desk top. When you click on any of the files with in this folder it just brings up a dos prompt that disappears before it can be read.

I had had to download and installed the latest version 2.7 of Python and WXpython. Those created a menu option with in the Python27 file.

Options are

idle (PythonGUI)----which brings up a python 2.7 shell

module docs----which send me to an html page

Python command line----which brings up a dos prompt

python manuals------list of manuals

when the folder is looked at through the program files I get 4 EXE files

Python ---- opens a dos prompt
pythonw---does nothing
removepyserial------ I'm sure it does what it says
w9xpopen-------??? It says limited to win98 so I need to download latest version.

07-18-2015, 12:27 AM
Ok I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled it all back this time with all the version numbers the same. still having the same problems I was having last post.

07-25-2015, 04:38 AM
All right guys! I fixed the error message i was getting when i was trying load pypose. Turns out versions 13, 14, and 15 all have the same bug. For some reason on that line the programmer used the syntax nullcolor instead of nullcolour. So i just had to go into pyshell and load pypose then change the value to the right syntax. Now i can partially use the tools.

The right python installation files to use for a Windows7 64-bit machine are all the 32-bit installers. I tried all 64 but there is no pyserial64 that i can find. But the 32-bits work.

Ok lets get into using this program.........

I said partially above because i dont have an arbotix or arduino board. Im using a different all in one board. So the problem is that the pypose can recognize when the board is plugged in but cant read it ir interact with it (so far). But my board is arduino, C++ and python language enabled. So far ive loaded samples from each group to my board and ran them with no errors.

But since my board isnt compatible with pypose im locked out of sime features.

I would like to see if i can go around the procedures using the board hooked up so i can use the gaits editor and stuff First off we need to figure out how to measure the servo times to use the serial sliders in pypose. The math i was using for my other sequencer was ...........

1500 - (30 * 4160 / 360) = 1153....The 1500 being the servo at 90* and the 30* being the motion of the leg.

But the python serials go from 0-512-1023 and i dont know whether to change the 1500 to 512 or if there is another solution. Also i need to now how to look at the gaits so i can tweak them using the pypose sequencer. I never get the button in the Nuke editor to build gates. I think this is partially from not being able to move the legs to thier end points in calibration. But im thinking i can just write those into the sketch but i need to know the right math. I will also have to change the group names and servo serial numbers from the sketch.

I dont thonk it willbe too much problem to do my project this way. But i will need help. When using pypose main screen and after entering your values in nuke editor you can go back to pypose and on the right screen there is a window with movements created by nuke editor. They are named what they do. You can add more ti which i experimented but i cant use them to find code or import gaits.

How do i get the build gaits buttons ti work and how do send them to the sequence editor.

Ok lastly. What are the Y-X measurements called COG offsets?

Thanks to all you guys help is much appreciated.

07-25-2015, 04:54 AM
oops double!

08-16-2015, 05:36 PM
Forgive a silly question, but i cant seem to figure how to even launch PyPose. I think Ive got everything i need downloaded, but just cant seem to figure that part out.
Getting StartedWe can finally start PyPose (https://code.google.com/p/arbotix/wiki/PyPose), the initial view will look something like this:
But nothing on how.

Thanks for your help in advance, MUCH!!! appreciated.