View Full Version : Simple programming for obstacle avoiding robot

10-29-2015, 10:26 AM
Hi. My friend and I want to build a robot. We made a lot of projects together but this is our first "intelligent" build. We choosed PIC 16F877A as our robots little brain. Our design is a little different from what we saw on internet. We thought a way of using sensors and want to know what you guys think. Advices and comments are very appreciated.

One sensor on front of the car, two on the sides. Input from sides are constantly compared and the chip tries to even these distances by making micro differences on wheel rpm(differential drive). This is for narrow, sloping canal. It will take slight turns without stopping(hopefully). And this will also allow robot to exit from labrynt fast. Also, the third function which is the normal obstacle avoiding. Here is the second function explained(excuse the paint):