View Full Version : Add offset to servo positions?

11-17-2015, 04:31 PM
I need a bit of assistance.

With Renee's help my 'bot (Oscar) is able to walk and steer with the PS3 keys - but - when I try any of the /.rme type movements Oscar falls on his back. The problem is that in the 'init' position Oscar leans back. For walking I can compensate for any leaning with walk_tuner. I make the needed adjustments to get a proper walk, but, when I go back to the init position he leans back. I see that ./rme does not use the config.ini file.

Is there a way to add/subtract to the servos a small static adjustment?
I have found that 32 added to the L_HIP_PITCH and 32 subtracted from the R_HIP_PITCH puts Oscar in a proper upright position.

I really don't want to change STP0 on every motion page to get the proper movements.


11-19-2015, 04:51 PM
I think by init position you mean the walk_ready pose.. page 9 I believe. If you've made changes to the pose in walk_tuner there is a chance you need to update your walk ready pose using rme or WinRME.

To do this load walk_tuner so your robot is in the standing position. Then exit the walk_tuner, load rme, update the final step with the current servo positions, and save.

That will hopefully correct the init position to keep him from leaning back on you.