View Full Version : Chip Quik Low-Temp Lead-Free Solder Paste (Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4)

02-14-2016, 08:01 PM
...as long as you do not need guaranteed survival at automotive temperature ranges (melts at 138*C).

It is easily reflowed by a Sparkfun Heaterizer and can remain molten for several seconds after removing heat. Had to reflow the tiny SOT-563 ESD/EMI chip for the DXL buss a few times on both the ShInDy and transponder boards because I did not get the stencils seated quite right*, but no dead chips or melted plastic.

*Combination of tiny boards with SMD pads to very near most of the outer edges, not bothering to build jigs to ensure alignment, and the kapton stencils curling upward a bit (cut from rolls of film).

02-15-2016, 02:44 PM
Nice! Like Fields' metal, but without the Indium :-)