View Full Version : IMU support - Next gen Arbotiix Pro/ or Playing with my Teensy version of Arbotix-pro...

03-18-2016, 10:15 AM
Just wondering if anyone has done much playing around with using some form of IMU with their HROS1 or HROS5 robots, instead of relying on the Accel/Gyro chips on the Arbotix-pro?

There are several options out there, like the Sparkfun Razor, which I had on my Hexapod (may go back on the MK3).
Likewise PJRC is coming out with a new Prop Shield (https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/33328-Prop-Shield-Beta-Test) which is currently in Beta for the Teensy, that has these types of chips on board, or like my Teensy board currently has on it the BNO055. I can easily imagine that if Trossen comes out with a V2 of the Pro, they will also want to enhance this portion of the board.

I am trying to decide best way on my own board, what levels of information I wish to expose through logical registers, so was wondering if anyone has played around updating the motion code, to see what things could be updated (hopefully improved), if the sensor data was already fused for it...

Not sure if this makes sense?


03-21-2016, 03:09 PM
I've been using the raw data from the Arbotix-Pro on the HR-OS5 for the localization package in ROS. So far it's been working well enough but I've mainly used it in static conditions for determining the torso angle and connected joints. When there is a lot of noise, like during locomotion, the readings do not appear as accurate as I would like.

Having an improved inertial sensor that performs the fusion and filtering while providing accurate readings would likely be a nice improvement when I get back into mapping and navigation. Some of my better 3D maps were derived without inertial measurements and strictly relied on visual odometry.