View Full Version : [Question(s)] WidowX in vertical / humanoid configuration? Any experiences, or insights? Daffy idea?

04-09-2016, 02:39 PM

Truly newbie question here, so please bear with me.

This may be a blatantly bad idea, but, has anyone looked into mounting a pair of WidowX arms in a vertical configuration, opposite each other, as a kind of humanoid config? (Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.. I did some searching and didn't find anything obvious.)

I can imagine the base would need a lot of strengthening in the standoffs, since they'd have to handle shear/torsion, instead of just compression as in the normal horizontal config. And maybe the mx28 for servo #1 in the base might need to be more beefy (an mx64, or the more brutal mx106), to swing the weight of the arm and any payload?

Can the electronics handle the extra current from a bigger servo?

How much redesign would be needed for the shoulder base, to accomplish all of this? Would it just need bigger/wider standoffs, or a more dramatic re-engineering job?

More generally, anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?

Or is this a crazy idea altogether, and I'm better off going totally off-road, rather than using the WidowX product line as a starting point?

Thanks for any advice, wisdom, or pointers!


04-10-2016, 01:34 PM
I have not tried it. I assume your use case is something like "build humanoid arms and have them pick up things."
And the "base" of the Widow X becomes the "shoulder" joint and moves back/forth?
The "beefiness" of the servo depends on how much payload you need.
If the base rotational servo is a MX-28 right now, then yes, I'd expect that to need to be a MX-64. And the MX-64 is bigger than the MX-28, so the built design wouldn't work as-is.
Regarding payload, the arm is rated from 200-400 grams for its envelope, and I'd expect the frames/couplings to stand up to that in a variety of orientations, but that's pure speculation.

If I needed humanoid arms with lifting capability, using MX-64 and MX-28 servos, I'd probably cut my own brackets.