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06-19-2016, 01:24 AM
Installed driver for Irobot Create 2 from here. I am a little stuck though. I was expecting a GUI or a place to input commands and not really sure what to do next. https://github.com/MirkoFerrati/irobotcreate2ros

I run

rosrun irobotcreate2 irobotcreate2

and get:

[ INFO] [1466316801.213298743]: Roomba for ROS 2.01
[ INFO] [1466316801.350324458]: Connected to Roomba.
[ INFO] [1466316801.451156961]: Waiting for roomba sensors
Sending OPCode: �
Sending OPCode: �
Sending OPCode: �
Sending OPCode: �

The tutorial says:

rosrun irobotcreate2 irobotcreate2

to run the basic software and have access to the following topics:

you can read sensors (/battery, /buttons, /bumper, ...) and send commands (/cmd_vel, ...).

No idea what to do with these commands without a UI. Any help would be much obliged. First time ROS user..

06-19-2016, 09:52 AM
That is a list of topics you can subscribe from or publish data to. I recommend you look at some of the ROS tutorials for getting started:

Many published messages can be visualized with RViz ( rosrun rviz rviz ).