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10-06-2016, 04:36 AM
hi everyone new member here
I really need some advice.
My problem is the following: i have experience in industrial machine but not on small robot.
For example i have projected and create a 3 axis engraving machine for marble and granite, big and bad, ethercat based driver and motor, but i'm totally lost when i want to create a "small" robot with advanced feature, trying to think it already for an industrial production.
For example: i would like to drive omnidirectional wheel, connected to brushless motor. which motor controller board should i use? (i would like to use brushless motor with connected encoder to fuse this data to other sensor on the robot for correct orientation and positioning).
Which computer board? i'm really attracted by nvidia jetson, is it good?
Which kind of battery?
Consider that the robot should also bring along some payload (transport robot, so we are talking a payload up to 100kg)... give me just some advice because between industrial motor controller boards, arduino, jetson, etc. i'm pretty lost...
Thank in advice

10-06-2016, 08:27 PM
You will need multiple omnidirectional wheels for them to work correctly.
Which controller you should use totally depends on your robustness requirements.
I can recommend Roboteq brushless controllers; they are fairly high-end and high-price:

Regarding batteries, you typically choose a chemistry, and then stack the number of cells you need to get to the voltage your motor/controller system needs.
I like the LiFePO4 battery chemistry, because it can take thousands of charge/discharge cycles before wearing out.
Many people like the LiPo/LiIon chemistry, because it's the cheapest and highest energy density chemistry.
Traditionalists use NiMH chemistry, because it's less likely to catch on fire if you treat it wrong.

I have no good ideas about brushless motors, because I just use the small hobby motors. The Roboteq people might be able to recommend something for you, though!