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01-28-2017, 07:46 PM

So we had another scrimmage today. One of our club members had his Light Class Mech up and running around (No gun yet though).

Here's a pic and video of it.


01-28-2017, 07:46 PM

01-28-2017, 07:50 PM
Its body is entirely 3D printed. Here's a real quick video of me testing to see how well it holds up to gun fire. I fired on it for quite a while and it held up OK. Did get a few chips in the corners of the leg 3D prints.


01-28-2017, 07:51 PM
So, rules for light class Mechs. My thoughts are they have half size target plates.. so they also have half the hit points? Not sure if that will make them too un-competitive. Anyone else have thoughts/ideas?

01-28-2017, 08:54 PM
If 50% hitpoints is wrong, that can always be adjusted up/down. Sounds like a good first stab to me. Also, hitting smaller target plates may actually be hard for those driving short-barrel airsofts directly with servos (especially AX-12 servos.)
(I've been meaning to build a 4:1 drive belt gun aiming system for Onyx, but given that the thing isn't even walking right now, I think I'll just go as straightforward as possible, single gun, no RPi, no fancy data read-back system -- if I'm at all to be ready in time.)

01-30-2017, 09:42 AM
I'm down with those rules, just like jwatte said, they can always be adjusted. I'm assuming that light mechs would be mounting 4 half-sized target panels, if thats what you mean. Durability for light mechs may be a problem in the future, considering that they have to be light weight and functional, which means that they have to use thinner/lighter materials during building, which may lead to disabled mechs on the field, but thats just a thought.

01-30-2017, 07:57 PM
I'm assuming that light mechs would be mounting 4 half-sized target panels

Yes, four half sized plates. They could either be mounted vertically or horizontally.

We'd also probably put a weight limit on the light Mech class. Don't know what it would be yet though.

02-05-2017, 07:42 PM
I was just reading the rules, will there be an lower height limit for light class mechs?

Also, if the event is providing the target plates, I'm wondering what the logic behind building our own is, especially since some of us don't have access to some of those materials.

Hope this doesn't come across as rude or disrespectful.

02-06-2017, 10:49 AM
The main reason to have your own set of plates is so you can test that it actually works, before competition day.
Once competition day is there, you don't have a lot of time to fix things that don't work.
If you haven't already proven that all the parts work of your mech, I highly recommend showing up as early as possible during load-in to get some time to be able to debug the full system.

Note that, while the plates may be provided (so it's fair for everyone,) you still need the LED indicators and Xbee transponder board.

02-06-2017, 10:49 AM
Thalvus, there is not a lower height limit for the light class mech in the 2017 rules which will soon be posted for input. A mech that weighs less than 3 pounds is considered a light weight mech and starts out with 11 HP.

The second question is not rude and worth asking. There are 3 reasons:
1.) To have your own complete robot.
2.) To fight with another robot that might be near you.
3.) To insure everything fits and works in your robot before you come to Robogames.

In past Robogames everyone always came with there own target scoring system that was purchased and/or partially self built. This year the committee is going to try the loaning idea of certified target plates to competitors to see how this works. We are not planning on providing the rest of the target system
1.) Transponder card
2.) Xbee radio
3.) quad LED board
4.) 4 target plate harnesses
5.) Target plate mounting surfaces

It is reasonable to build your robot without the target system and be able to install a working target system that interfaces mechanically and electrically with your robot without any problems. You would need to carefully supply the following in your robot:
1.) The correct mounting surfaces via vertical strips of Velcro of the right sex and dimensions.
2.) Provide hit clearance for you target plates that do not interfere with your robot's functions.
3.) Provide a mounting location that as accessible for the transponder card along with power harness and 4 target plate wire harnesses.
4.) Provide a mounting location for the LED board that was visible per the rules.

To help you build the target scoring system Eable xxx.brd files are available from us to order the PWBs from OSHPARK at a very low cost. There is a parts list. There are laser cutter files for the delron plastic target plates. If you do not chose to build the target scoring system at this time do to schedule constraints of getting ready for Robogames that is understandable. If you think you are serious about competing in Mechwarfare at Robogames 2017 then I could talk to the other guys and perhaps we could help you out by sending you a loaner system.

04-30-2017, 10:55 PM

Some feedback on Daisy.

The Auto lance worked great. Thanks GhengisDhon for all your help.
The front Target plate self triggered when attached directly on the Velcro. Had to move it down about 1/4 inch then I had no issue.
Battery pack on the bottom had to be lowered about a 1/4 so that the legs had clearance. Added longer screws and put in a spacer.
I didn’t have any issues with the Bluetooth or the controls.
Added some hot glue to the back of the auto lance to prevent it from sliding forward with use.
Image for the video came in and out, might need a cloverleaf antenna.
The ollo rivets did fall out of one of the legs, need to find a better way to attach the parts to the XL-320 servos. Simple fix put a dot of hot glue over each rivet so they can’t pop out. Seemed like vibrations over time allowed them to loosen and fall out.
Battery held up with the transponder for 8 min, but I think it would last even longer if the transponder was on a different battery.
Metabot Code is in C++ with a maple bootloader need to change it to OpenCM, or Arduino so buttons can be programed for weapons.

Even with all these minor issues, Daisy could walk around the arena and melee as designed. Other than self-triggering and rivets popping out, she didn’t take on any real damage. However, she didn’t have to face any of the mechs with precise guns. I think it would be best to have all the light mechs fight each other first (assuming Sokar and a few more light mechs come next year) then the best one can fight the larger mechs. The good news is that the XL-320 servos never overheated.

04-30-2017, 11:48 PM
Proposal for next year: Light mechs shouldn't get as large a hitpoints penalty.
They are smaller to hit, for sure, but they are also slower and have a harder time to hit back.
Maybe they get 15 HP?

05-01-2017, 12:05 PM
Yes, I think your right. After we pulled the number 11 out of thin air I've been thinking we should have made it higher. 15 sounds like a better number.

05-01-2017, 12:07 PM
Maybe by next year they could have the lighter weight auto cannon as another weapon option